The story behind Nesta’s Nest

I made the first baby bed „nest“ with my Dad in his workshop over Christmas just a few month before Nesta was borne. I had looked everywhere for something not factory produced and natural and ended up designing the baby bed myself. Nesta slept soundly in it and after that sat in it with his toys before he could crawl out of it and then used it as an airplane or pirate ship in imaginary play. It now houses all the board games and is still a part of his environment.

It was the wish to create something as safe as possible and make it by hand as what we make with our hands and spend time doing projects a quality that I believe is felt just like the knitted blanket or first outfit a relative makes for the baby. Something that grows with the baby and stays in the home becomes a part of the environment.

I make each baby bed „nest“ by hand upon request because I want the process of making something meaningful and with care to be in the item I offer to the world. Parts of the cradle stand are produced by a sheltered workshop here outside Berlin. The macramee hanger is a collaboration with California Dreaming which has been a lovely experience. Next I am looking to collaborate with someone knitting baby blankets in alpaca wool. The choice and quality of the material was and is the most important to me. Wool felt – if untreated is warming in winter and cooling in summer, makes a great space climate, is water resistant and sound muffling. I searched high and low to find a 100% untreated merino wool felt thick enough to work for the nest.

Same with the wood, I was determined to find a company that does not use toxic glues and coatings and found a family run company way up in Finland who now supply the base and cradle stand for me. The colored string is eco certified and so is the mattress and the hyper allergenic lambskin in the shape of the mattress.

It is what we choose everyday that creates how our children see the world.

Heidi Schäfer

"I believe that objects made of organic materials carefully handmade have a soul – living- in quality"

Heidi Schäfer